Terme di Casteldoria e Cure Termali

Love and care of the person

Montiruju Hotel and Surroundings

On the banks of the Coghinas River, over a fracture of the earth’s crust, rises the Thermal Baths of Casteldoria, boasting the most peculiar and curative properties of Sardinia.

Hyperthermal waters, as they gush at temperatures between 65 ° C and 70 ° C, have a wealth of salts and minerals derived from a volcanic nature. They are clear waters, salsobromoiodic, able to make significant improvements in rheumatic states and in the presence of osteoarthritis, prodigious even in cases of dermatitis, respiratory and otorhinolaryngology problems, as well as gynecological problems and also related to the digestive system.

In particular you can practice respiratory and balneotherapy therapies, mud balneotherapy, as well as massages and general wellness treatments.



Well-being is your right!

Every year, all Italian employees are entitled to take advantage of a cycle of health care with a stay at the expense of the National Health Service; this is due to our agreement with INPS and INAIL