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Between History, Sea and Relaxation

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Our hotel is located in the small village of Santa Maria Coghinas at the foot of a mysterious enchanted Valley, magical place of legends similar to medieval fairy tales, which rises on the banks of the river Coghinas. The origin of the small town is attested at the beginning of this millennium in the context of the District of Torres, its most ancient archaeological evidence are the Doria Castle and the romanesque church entitled to the Madonna delle Grazie.

Formerly part of the town of Sedini in 1960 became part of the established municipality of Valledoria which in 1983 became autonomous common. The village lies at the foot of the hills that delimit the very fertile low valley crossed by the river Coghinas.

It owes its name to the medieval church and to the legend that surrounds it.

It seems that around the year 1000 a group of shepherds grazing the flocks along the banks of the river Coghinas in full, suddenly glimpsed a crate that floated on the waters of the river, in which a wooden statue of Our Lady of Graces was found.

The church, not far from the village and easily reachable, is noted for the beautiful gothic façade and the statue of the Virgin that can be admired inside.

Santa Maria Coghinas (in local language called Cuzina). Although geographically part of the historical region of the Anglon, the dialect spoken, as well as the habits and customs are typically of the Gallura. Alongside certain stretches of vineyard, the artichoke’s expanses prevail. The castle of the Doria, founded in the XII century by Brancaleone Doria, married to Eleonora of Arborea, was restored in 1354 by King Peter of Aragon, was then abandoned towards the 1400 and was repopulated in the early 1800s by a modest group of shepherds of the southern Gallura.