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Thanks to the landscape surrounding our structure, there are many activities to be carried out in close contact with nature; you can book from us all the following options:

New Kayak by Vittorio Marras

The New Kayak Sardinia organizes beautiful river descents on the Coghinas River on canoes or kayaks to discover the wonders of nature.
We rent single or double kayaks and canoes with all the necessary safety accessories.

AE Surf Point By Antonio Egris

The AE Surf Point school is located in the beautiful scenery of the Coghinas lagoon at San Pietro a Mare in the nearings of Imbarcadero, we propose you an INDIVIDUAL kitesurf course with qualified FIV instructor, always updated RRD materials and SAFETY PROTOCOLS AT THE TOP.

The ideal setting for learning Kite, Windsurf, Sup, Wakeboard, Surfing

The Altha Banda

The boat excursion on the Coghinas River provides a 7 km ascent from the mouth in an environment of rare beauty, you will be accompanied by the discovery of an invisible river from the ground, led by the observation of the birdlife in one of the best Mediterranean spot to practise birdwatching, a discipline of strong educational connotation.

Elena Tour (escursioni-navigazioni-gite in barca alla maddalena)

River Ranch asd (viddalba)

Playasardinia (sailing school)

Musei :

  • Museo Archeologico di Viddalba
  • Museo Archeologico Pleobotanico di Perfugas

Parco Acquatico :

  • Aqua Fantasy (parco acquatico all’isola rossa)