Beautiful 4 stars Hotel

among nature, history and relaxation

The Montiruju Hotel

It was born in June 1993, by the will of Giuseppe, a very young hotelier, with the aim of providing accommodation and refreshment to those who, like so many still today, travel from all over the island and beyond. The scenery is that of the Heart of Sardinia, 5 km from the nearest beach.

The Hotel is 4 star category, located in Santa Maria Coghinas, a wonderful location just where the thermal springs flow, protected by an oasis of peace surrounded by greenery. The elegance of the interiors and the rooms, a warm and refined atmosphere, will be an ideal setting for a unique stay, able to restore serenity and balance.

The Montiruju Hotel is perfect for families with children and teenagers, but it is also the ideal choice for both young people and couples looking for privacy and tranquility.

Not only that, even sports people and active tourism lovers will find their ideal place here thanks to the many activities offered.

The surrounding area will allow you to enjoy a 360 ° holiday, among history, gastronomic traditions and hiking, immersed in unmatched landscapes in the world. Proud of our land, we have the desire to let you discover and love it, offering a unique and unforgettable perspective of Sardinia.

Giuseppe Dettori

Giuseppe Dettori

Lorena Baduena

Lorena Baduena